Beauty Suffers and I Suffer With Her

by Nighttime in the Abyss



From "We Who Write In Blood and Desperation" split with Skjelver. Depressive Suicidal Black Power Electronics. Is it possible that there is a glimmer of hope in the midst of Hell cascading all around us? The only salvation from suffering is finding one you can suffer together with. Bless the day when I found a friend whose torment mirrored my own. Dedicated to my good friend Xasthuriath. Let us share the horrors that afflict us and learn to smile again as Death calmly awaits our time. My entire work on this split is dedicated to Janine, the love of my life, 1/9/80 - 6/7/07


“Beauty Suffers and I Suffer With Her”

The days when her soul was her own are so far gone,
A childhood beaten, innocence maimed too soon,
And now she is a slave to pain,
The Lords of Eternal Emptiness riding hard on her back,
And as she speaks to me, I can hear her bones snap,
I see a shadow flutter behind her eyes,
She inhales hope and exhales death
But she’s reaching for me in her own way,
Her hand trembling because this is a world where
Trust is impossible for her, faith negated always,
And I take that shaking hand in my own,
I show her my scars, I kiss hers,
I trace the pattern of the scars within us both on her soft skin,
And I breathe on her pale cheek, my breath a breath
Of life exhaled for her, my own life to give
A sliver of strength to her beauty,
Because if she goes, goes away forever,
Part of me goes away forever too,
The part of me that is screaming to smile again,
To plunge myself into the heart of another
And lose the anguish for just a sweet moment,
To see my scars melt into hers and the blood in my veins
Warm with knowing that the Gods of Butchery
Have passed me by and let sweeter gods
Send me a soul that hears my cries,
A soul whose cries I too can hear,
And together we can defy The End
That opens its jaws to swallow us,
And be cups of mercy for each other,
Ever overflowing, her into me, me into her,
And that is when pain becomes its own messiah,
When it finds its own reflection in another’s touch.

With some added improvisation thrown in.


released April 19, 2013
Alocer Christus: Abso-fucking-lutely everything



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