The Herald's Plea

by Death Guard

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This is a track for my not terribly long-lived but possibly coming back project Death Guard, based on the "spirituality" of the Chaos Gods and Demons of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Typhus, singing the praises of Grandfather Nurgle.
“The Herald’s Plea”

Lord of Decay, hear my cry.
Thou art great unto the ages
And the dying of ages.
In rot, I behold Thy Manifest Glory.

Bless me with pains and fevers,
And the writhing of Thy pestilence.
Only in plague do I find solace,
Thy Garden I tread to perish in Thy Arms.

Make of me what Thou Wilt,
Corpse or mindless zombie
Bearing Thy Gifts of imminent demise.
But I ask that my presence
Be the call to those who will listen
Of Your Voice and Laughter’s Ring.

If it be Thy Will, I shalt be Thy Prophet,
And my voice itself, the buzzing of the scavenger flies,
And the corruption I will bring,
To this generation and the next,
Might be the souls of mortal man, singing,
“Hosanna be to Contagion.
Our Blessed Lord, He has favored us.”


released April 26, 2016



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